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As a full-service contract manufacturer, BGM offers an array of major products and services
The work we do for you will save you time and money.
You need reduced cost, improved quality, better delivery, positive working relationships.  You need BGM.

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Blue Grass Mfg

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We can help you and your company.  


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Phone: (859) 233-7445

Blue Grass Manufacturing Works for You!

Veteran Owned and Managed

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Made in the USA!

Machined Parts Contract Manufacturer  
Conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky Blue Grass Manufacturing can assist you in all phases of the manufacturing process -- cost reduction, manufacturing engineering, tool building, fabricating, welding, machiningassembly, sourcing and purchasing even order entry and customer fulfillment. 
We are specialists in the manufacturing processes we host.  

The experience we have accumulated and the resources that we've built in our pursuit of manufacturing excellence insure that the work we do for you will save you time and money, improve the quality of your product, and sharpen your ability to maneuver skillfully in a rapidly changing, increasingly competitive marketplace.


 We Have Extensive Resources

Contract Manufacturer Assembly Process

We have been in business for over 40 years.  We operate a 100,000 square foot, clean contract manufacturing facility in Lexington, Kentucky.  We are able to configure a wide variety of production cells and assembly lines in the plant to manufacture everything from labor intensive assembly lines, large welded assemblies, to work cells for machining, or high-precision micro-welded halogen bulbs for aircraft landing lights.

We Have Exceptional Experience
Contract Manufacturer CNC Machined Part

Our customers over the years represent a Who's Who of leading companies in many different industries -- appliance, automotive, electrical, telecommunications and office automation among others.  Those customers come to us, and come back to us again and again, because we are consistently able to deliver economical, timely, and highly productive solutions to their manufacturing problems

We are particularly proud of our ability to forge lasting partnerships with our customers, to conform our assembly lines and our procedures to theirs so that we consistently deliver just what they need, just when they are ready for it, at a level of quality that exceeds their expectations.

We Can Handle Big Jobs

Welded Part

The services that we perform at our Lexington Plant include engineering, tool building, metal fabrication, welding, machining, and assembly.  To supplement and complement those core capabilities, we have recently begun and are well along with the task of building the Supply Chain Alliance, a partnership of companies who host complimenting contract  processes.  Each company has demonstrated a combination of financial stability, innovation, and excellence in their hosted process.  Backed by the Alliance, Blue Grass Manufacturing is able to offer its customers single source responsibility for an extremely wide range of products and contract manufacturing services.


Let us Show You What We Can Do For You!
We are grateful for your visit to our website; as you browse the information we've assembled here, we hope that you will better understand how the focused team at Blue Grass Manufacturing Company can apply its expertise to your manufacturing problems. 

We are eager to talk with you about your situation and to develop a proposal that will show you how we can save you money, improve the quality and increase the availability of your product. 

We will show you how outsourcing can free up your corporate resources so that they can be allocated more profitably and productively towards key objectives like product development or finding new customers and channels of distribution.

We ship your Web-Store's Orders Automatically!

By storing your product with us you not only get our time tested quality system but also real-time order information supplied to you and your customer.

We ship to your customers front door in less time for less.

Located in Lexington KY at the I-64 & I-75 split -- We are strategically placed to provide the largest, most inexpensive quickest access to the largest portion of the USA than any other place on the planet.  That joined with our competitive rates and welcome to Blue Grass Manufacturing.  We look forward to doing business with you. 


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Phone: (859) 233-7445


Blue Grass Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturers, offering  precision welded sub assembly, machining, welding and assembly as well as many other contract processes, warehousing and fulfillment services.

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