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As an ISO 9001 certified contract manufacturer, Blue Grass Manufacturing (BGM) understands the importance of quality. We employ expert technicians and advanced inspection equipment-including a Zeiss CMM-to conduct comprehensive part inspections. With these in hand, you can trust in the quality and reliability of our parts.

Manufacturers utilize coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to ensure parts and products they produce meet the required project specifications. These machines often find application in inspection operations testing the dimensions of the manufactured object against preset standards with any deviation necessitating an adjustment to the manufacturing machine or process.



Overview of CMM Inspection

CMMs measure the dimensions of manufactured parts to ensure that they accurately match the original part design within acceptable tolerances. As these machines allow manufacturers to inspect parts on-site, they are much more convenient than older inspection methods and reduce the downtime between operations. Previously, manufacturers needed to invest in full dimensional labs or send their parts to an off-site measuring facility.

Applications of CMM

In addition to serving as inspection equipment for quality control operations, CMMs are employed for the following applications:

  • Calibrating manufacturing equipment

  • Discovering trends in process degradation or misalignment

  • Reverse engineering parts or products

Importance of CMM Inspection Services

In the industrial, commercial, and consumer sectors, CMM inspection operations ensure that customers receive quality products. By carefully inspecting manufactured parts with CMMs, companies verify that they are both precise and accurate-i.e., adhere to the required specifications and are consistent from one batch to the next. As part designs become more intricate and complex, the value of CMM inspection services also increases as they can test a part for dimensional, profile, and angular precision and accuracy.

Using CMM data to inspect machines can also help keep a facility running on time with little to no unscheduled downtime. By monitoring their facility’s equipment, manufacturers can better isolate progressive malfunctions. This insight allows them to calibrate their machines and optimize their preventative maintenance plans, allowing their equipment to run for longer and with minimal interruptions to their production schedules.

Our CMM Inspection Capabilities

At Blue Grass Manufacturing, we use a fully automated Zeiss CMM to conduct inspections and product measurements. This machine is located in a dedicated temperature-controlled space that reduces potential fluctuations.

Machine Features and Accuracy

Our fully automated Zeiss CMM meets ISO 17025 standards for calibration. It can record data to measure every feature with a minimum accuracy standard of ±0.0002 (5µm) and can easily accommodate parts with up to the following dimensions:

  • Length: 63 in. (or 160 cm)

  • Width: 39.37 in. (or 100 cm)

  • Height: 23.62 in. (or 60 cm)


We can also inspect longer parts with overlapping inspection plans.

Analyzing CMM Inspection Data

Our Calypso software enables us to accept customer-supplied CAD files to facilitate inspection operations. Additional information garnered from other inspection methods-such as hand, visual, or comparator inspection-combined with our CMM inspection data allows for more detailed statistical studies. Upon customer request, we also perform analysis of the inspection data.

Industries Served

We proudly serve the following industries with our CMM inspection services:

  • Appliance

  • Automotive

  • Industrial equipment

  • Off-highway vehicle (OHV)

Quality CMM Inspection Services From BGM

Investing in CMM inspection services can help you deliver high quality products and protect your equipment from failure. At Blue Grass Manufacturing, we offer thorough CMM inspection services to help you analyze production runs and meet your commitments to customers with complex and large parts.

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