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Custom Assembly Services

Blue Grass Manufacturing Co. of Lexington Inc., is a highly diversified manufacturing service provider serving a broad range of customers in a variety of industrial sectors. We offer complete, turnkey manufacturing from machining to final assembly, including value-added services such as sorting, kitting, packaging, and labeling. Our dedicated focus on delivering quality has made BGM a reliable manufacturing resource to our customers for decades.

Our Assembly, Kitting, Packaging and Labeling Services

At BGM, we support our services with a variety of value-added options, including kitting, packaging, and labeling.


Assembly Services

Mechanical and electromechanical assembly are a major part of our assembly service offerings. Available assembly options include:

  • Fastening

  • Adhesive bonding

  • Heat staking

  • CNC Sewing

  • Straps

  • Soldering

  • In-house fixturing to optimize high volume assembly

  • Riveting & Orbital Riveting

  • Welding


Kitting Services

In lieu of performing final assembly of products in our facility, our team will compile all of the components for final assembly into a kit, expediting the final assembly process within the client's facility.


Packaging and Labeling Services

After assembly or kitting, BGM also provides packaging and labeling of products according to the specifications of the client, including branding, display packaging and protective packaging to ensure products remain undamaged during transport.



Additional Services

BGM is an end-to-end manufacturer for many of our clients. To improve the overall experience and meet the needs of our customers, we also provide a range of additional services, including:


Industrial Applications

We are a diverse facility working with a broad range of industries and specific applications. We most frequently serve applications in industries such as:

  • OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle)

  • Appliance

  • Industrial equipment

  • Automotive


Our Quality Services: Industry Standards and Efficiency Certifications

Quality assurance and manufacturing efficiency are major areas of focus for BGM. The evidence of our commitment to quality assurance is in our compliance with ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing industry standards, as well as UL compliance where applicable. Along with providing high-level service, we meet specific budget needs with manufacturing efficiency demonstrated by adherence to Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Lean Manufacturing principles.


Custom Assembly Services

Our custom assembly services feature two main types of assembly: mechanical and electromechanical. BGM is sensitive to managing assembly time and cost-efficiency challenges associated with both types.


Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical assembly is one of the most common types of custom assembly. It usually involves individual specialists attaching mechanical components in an assembly line to complete a finished product.


Electromechanical Assembly

Similar to mechanical assembly, electromechanical assembly involves specialized processes along the line. In contrast, this aspect of assembly focuses on adding electronic components like circuitry, printed circuit boards, and other components related to the electronic functions of the finished item.

Our Assembly Processes

To complete assembly for our clients, BGM utilizes a variety of assembly processes such as:

  • Fastening. This is a mechanical process usually involving screws, bolts, rivets, staples, clips, and other types of mechanical fasteners.

  • Adhesive bonding. We use a variety of glues, epoxies, or various plastic agents that cure using evaporation, heat, pressure, or time to meet specific application needs.

  • Heat staking. This joining process involves thermal coupling of two pieces of plastic, or plastic and one other material, negating the need for mechanical fasteners or adhesives.

  • Ultrasonic welding. By converting high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical motion and applied force, plastic material melts and creates a molecular bond between the joined parts.

  • Soldering. In electromechanical assembly, soldering performs two functions: it creates a mechanical bond for attaching a component and provides a conductive pathway for electronic circuitry.

Custom Assembly, Kitting, Packaging, and Labeling from Blue Grass

At Blue Grass Manufacturing Co. of Lexington Inc., we offer complete turnkey manufacturing services from machining to final assembly. We are a comprehensive manufacturing facility equipped with fully staffed procurement, quality assurance, and engineering departments in addition to advanced ERP systems. Our entire team is focused on providing personal customer service, and our manufacturing processes are designed to help customers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure on time delivery.

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