BlueGrass Manufacturing is capable of making a large scope of parts. Here are some of the different parts we have manufactured. Don't see what you are in need of? That's ok! Our engineers are standing by to help you with your next project.

Hyster manifold bracket.jpg

 Casted Machined Manifold Bracket 

forged piston king pin hole drilling.jpg

 Forged Piston King Pin Hole Drilling 

Forged flange Arvin Meritor Off-Highway

 Forged Machined Axle Flange 

Forge rigging shackle pin Columbus McKin

 Forged Machine Rigging Shackle Pin 

C clamp handle screw.gif
Little Mule Wire Grip machined assy with

 Little Mule Wire Grip 

Construction equip axle and nut.gif

 Construction Equipment Axle and Nut 

Hydraulic cylinder block.jpg

 Hydraulic Cylinder Block 

 C Clamp Handle Screw 

Screws for C clamps.jpg

 Screw for C Clamps