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TIG Welding & Belt Grinding & Polishing Services of Decorative Stainless Steel Appliance Bases

At Blue Grass Manufacturing Co. of Lexington Inc., we are capable of creating contract manufacturing solutions that are custom tailored to each customer's needs. The product shown here is a stainless steel appliance base that we produce for a regional customer. The customer initially contacted us about the project because they were under significant time constraints and required an immediate supply of product to keep production running. The base is welded together, and then ground and polished to meet the visual standard supplied by the customer.

The quality specifications stated that the weldment should contain no holes or scratches and that the finish should blend seamlessly with the texture of the given material. Our internal first piece and final audit procedures were used to verify conformance to these requirements, as outlined by our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

When a rush situation like this occurs, we are able to mobilize rapidly to arrange a work cell that is custom designed to fabricate the part or assembly. In this case, 600 parts are produced with a 2 to 5 day lead time. Regardless of the requirements, we can work with customers to develop a solution that meets their quality and delivery needs.

For additional details regarding this custom stainless steel welding project, see the table below or contact us directly.

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