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Kitting and Assembly 

Complexity Made Simple

Bufab Creative Component Solutions™ revolves around simplifying complex processes. We engage in proactive discussions to create efficient and innovative products tailored to your needs. Whether it's assembling parts in a bag like IKEA or packaging them meticulously with branded precision, we ensure every component finds its place seamlessly. Our local sales teams bring a wealth of diverse experiences to the table, offering insights into subassemblies. As Solutionists, we are committed to improving our common business. 




What are your kitting needs?

Are you struggling with creating spare parts kits? Have you experienced shortages in production despite creating spare parts kits? Do you need assurance that the precise number of parts is utilized in each production run? Are you seeking to elevate your brand with a meticulously crafted fastener kit? Allow us to provide you with a tailored solution.

Having trouble with assemblies?

As Solutionists, we're dedicated to simplifying processes for you. Are you finding it time-consuming to procure all the parts required for an assembly? Are space constraints hindering your assembly process? Are production halts occurring due to missing components? Whatever the obstacle, we're here to assist by sourcing and assembling for you.


Similar to elite gymnasts who adjust their daily lives to perfect various elements in their routines according to set goals, a solution-focused approach has become integrated into the daily operations at Bufab.

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