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This family of bearing sleeves use a special Timken steel that has been specially engineered and are extremely hard while the customer demands tight tolerances that are very hard to maintain during the hard turning process.


BGM and its engineers partnered with Timken steel and the heat treater to ensure consistent quality. The team of engineers also designed holding fixtures/jaws along with a special coolant mixture. 


''The bearing sleeves run around 34-36Rc and the track bushings run at 55Rc. We have to use ceramic inserts for the track bushings which make our machines look like they are on fire sometimes. For the bearing sleeves our engineering and production team's designed the proper tooling and holding fixtures so that we can hold the tight tolerances without any additional grinding needed. This has made us a go to supplier for quality and cost."

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small sleeve

Additional Specs 

Size Range:

OD 5" - 7.5" 

ID 4.5" - 6.9"

Special Tolerances | Features: 

Hardness of steel 34-55Rc

Roundness .0008"

0.45um Finish


CNC Cold Saw

Okuma Lathes

Okuma Mills


Bearing Sleeves and Track Bushings

small bearing sleeve.JPG

Sawing, heat treat/hard turning & milling

Heat Treatment

Hard Turning & Milling

4140 HF Seamless Tubing

Special features make it unique to this project

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