Quality Assurance Control Laboratory

Nobody wants parts that don’t work and nothing is worse than defects showing up at the end user. We understand one defect can cost thousands of dollars to fix so we make every effort to avoid making mistakes. Our commitment to quality is 100%. We’ve invested in the best equipment, the most qualified individuals, dedicated staff and pushed responsibility for quality down to every employee. We’ve re-thought our process over and over to devise effective methods for delivering reliably good parts at an acceptable price.

At BGM we use a philosophy of personal responsibility and verification. Our focus is to make sure we have communicated what is needed well. We try hard to provide the right tools and equipment to achieve a good result, placed a process in a space that aids success and trained people to do the task needed. Our strategy is to validate understand rather than police conformance. Sure we check parts, but our goal is always to see that the operator understands WHY they are checking a feature.

Each operator is responsible for their own quality, which means great care is taken to make sure that the part requirements are communicated efficiently and the correct measurement tools are available. The operator makes the necessary adjustments and when they are happy they present a part that they have already established to be a good one to the Quality department. The role of the quality technicians is to then verify the measurements using wherever possible independent measurement equipment so that gage drift can also be controlled. Feedback and comment are provided when the parts are returned to the operator allowing them to learn to optimize their process. Each shift undergoes the same procedure so that operators are always responsible for the quality of the parts they produce.

BGM embraces two way communications: suggestions for improvements are always welcome, and every effort is taken to ensure that the emphasis is placed on controlling the right risks.

New gages are frequently purchases to meet a specific tolerance requirement, and BGM has a long tradition of fabricating its own custom gages to allow rapid, repeatable and reliable measurements.

The Quality Lab is humidity and temperature controlled to ensure consistent measurements, and staffed by dedicated technicians hand-picked for the precision and attention to detail. Over $200,000 of equipment is available to the QC technicians including optical comparators, CMM's, digital height gages, micrometers, profile meters, Rockwell hardness and many other precision pieces of equipment.

Zeiss Contura G2 Coordinate Measuring Machine

Year of Manufacture 2010

X = 1000 mm
Y= 1600 mm
Z= 600 mm
Max Error:
X= ±5.2 µm,
Y= ±7.2 µm
Z= ±3.9 µm
Typical Error:
X= ±1.0 µm
Y= ±1.2 µm
Z= ±1.0 µm

Fully automated, installed in temperature controlled room. Annual Calibration by manufacturer to NIST traceable A2LA 17025 standard.