When you work with Blue Grass Manufacturing Co. of Lexington Inc. your experience is not just another company that makes a part and delivers it on time with perfect quality. That's just the basics. We think of ourselves as providing a service to help you succeed. We aim to add value so that you come to depend on us.

Our on time delivery isn't just a metric; it's a way of life. Even when our customers call us and ask for parts with almost no lead time, we don't say "No", we say "We will try" and then we pull out all the stops and get it done. Our philosophy is once a customer has asked for a part, it means they have made a sale and an end user is waiting. By consistently helping our customers meet demand, we allow them to have the confidence to offer shorter delivery times, faster response which can make the difference in today's competitive market.

When it comes to technical help, we have been involved with new product launches over and over again. We like to build a relationship with engineers and contribute ideas to improve quality and lower costs. The BGM's team is deliberately assembled from people with diverse industrial backgrounds, each person bringing decades of experience from a huge range of industries so that we can help with almost any production process. Our team understands you aren't just buying a component; you are looking for a solution. Our team work approach has won us awards and business over and over as we become THE supplier of choice.

When it comes to Quality, the BGM approach is to understand the product so that the parts we produce are suitable for the intended function. It's not just a matter of making a part to the correct dimensions or adhering to our ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, anybody can do that! We aim to go beyond the print and understand the real requirements. Sometimes we may identify opportunities for cost reduction by opening up tolerances and other times we may identify opportunities for improved assembly by tightening up tolerances. In both cases we will work with you our customer in an open and frank manner so that as a team we develop the product that does what it's meant to do. As the product moves into production, the BGM quality department aims to make sure that all requirements are clearly communicated to the shop floor. There's no "throw it over the wall" mentality at BGM! Our Quality Engineers are out on the floor, helping develop the processes, ensuring the production space is suitable, visual aids are in place, identify special gaging, lighting, handling and tooling needs. Our investment in Quality equipment is very considerable, and our training has made sure we use it well.

Logistics is not an area that BGM neglects. We understand that we can't wow our customers with short delivery times if we don't have the materials to work with. We ensure we have the highest level of competence and knowledge in our purchasing department and we give them to the tools to do the job. Our Macola Materials Resource Planning Software can handle thousands of part numbers and suppliers.

Try working with BGM and find out why we have won so many awards for performance from some of America's largest companies.