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Custom CNC Machining & Heat Treatment Services of Heavy Duty Bushings

At Blue Grass Manufacturing Co. of Lexington Inc., we are adept at working with unique customer specifications to develop custom manufacturing methods based on our ISO 9001:2015 certification and Six Sigma training. This contract manufacturing project was brought to us by a customer in the heavy construction equipment industry. These heavy duty bushings are machined from hardened and tempered medium carbon steel and have an outer diameter of 8" with a length of 4". The heat treated bushings are turned and milled to tolerances of ±0.001" and are required to have a surface finish of 0.5 µm Ra or better. In addition, per customer specifications, no chemical or rust preventatives could be used on the metal surface.
We developed custom runout gauges, for this project in addition to the precision bore gauges and micrometers used to take part dimensions. The bushings are also measured on our Zeiss CMM at each step of the manufacturing process to verify part conformance. After production and inspection the bushings are specially packaged for delivery. We manufacture 150 to 650 of these parts per month with a typical lead time of two weeks per production run. For additional details regarding this precision machining project, see the table below, or contact us directly.
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