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Custom Milling & Sawing Services of Pressurized Air Manifolds

A years ago one of our customers asked us to manufacture a new design of custom pressurized air manifolds. The idea was to use each manifold as both a local reservoir of compressed air and as a distribution system to multiple locations on the customer's equipment. The new design would drastically reduce the number of components and hence cost, and dramatically improve performance. Precision valves and air handling equipment are attached to the manifold and the pressures are above 100 psi so the metal integrity and cleanliness are critical to the function since even tiny particles of debris can cause pneumatic valves to fail.

The raw material is 3/8th wall welded steel tubing that is rust free. Manufacturing of the initial prototypes and subsequent production makes use of BGM's heavy duty industrial saw and large size CNC milling machines. The part is completely de-burred and cleaned of all debris inside and out. The design has proved very successful and has been adopted over more of the customers product range so that over the years a number of new designs have been added each longer than the last so that BGM now produces a family of parts ranging from 4" to 8" high, 4" to 8" wide and 23" to 116" long, with tolerances between ±0.010" and ±0.030".

Production control makes use of visual criteria, visual management, and custom made gages, in addition to our Zeiss Contura G2 CMM. Due to the requirement to prevent rust formation manufacture is undertaken JIT, typically only days before shipment to the customer. BGM is often also able to respond to sudden orders within a single week and on some occasions the next day. Production is 10 to 50 units per month.

To learn more about our custom machining competencies, please contact us directly.

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