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About BGM

Blue Grass Mfg. has been supplying OEM’s with precision machined components along with custom assembly and sorting services since 1962. Customers rely on BGM to provide quality components delivered on time, every time.  


We help solve customer challenges with technical solutions and part development strategies. Starting with engineering tech reviews and advanced product quality planning meetings our team of expert engineers, machinists, technicians and operators are well trained and ready to take on our customer’s most demanding projects. Providing cradle to grave solutions we can supply prototypes through mass production along with any service requirements.


We provide customers with turnkey solutions using our diverse mix of CNC lathes, mills, and machining centers. We can make components ranging from ¼ inch in diameter up to 24 inches in as little as 10 days. Our machining equipment can hold tolerances to one thousandth of an inch and our most advanced 5 axis machining center can deliver this precision without the part ever leaving the machine.

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Conveniently located at the intersection of Interstate 75 & 64

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