CMM Inspection Services

Inspecting parts is integral to BGM’s operations. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility servicing the automotive, construction equipment and wind power sectors, Blue Grass Manufacturing Co. of Lexington Inc. uses it’s CMM to control production, undertake capability studies, and sort parts on a regular basis. We have the expertise on hand to quickly write programs that will measure the most complex geometries to high precision on small or large parts. Our highly experience staff can chose from a variety of probe sizes, scan options, and approach directions to ensure the feature of interest is measured. We have a huge collection of fixtures options to ensure the part is stable during measurement and trained operators to process parts continuously for days at a time if needed. We can ensure temperature is controlled, soft handling and corrosion protection so that parts are measured precisely, accurately, reliably and then re-packaged to maintain parts in good condition.

Our fully automated Zeiss coordinate measuring machine (CMM) installed in a large dedicated temperature controlled space and calibrated to ISO 17025 is capable of recording every feature of complex components and assemblies with an accuracy of better than ±0.0002 (5µm)". Zeiss is the leader in precision metrology equipment and a trusted name used in the most demanding machining and manufacturing industries. The machine is capable of measuring parts up to 63"(1600 mm) in length, 39.37"(1,000 mm) in width, and 23.62"(600 mm) in height. Longer parts can be accommodated by overlapping inspection plans. Our Calypso software easily accepts data from customer supplied CAD files and measurement plans compare data to print tolerances to verify part conformance.

CMM inspection data can be supplemented with comparator and hand inspections, surface finish, hardness or visual inspections and used as part of the detailed statistical studies such as PAPP’s. We can even do the analysis too because we know what’s needed in today’s high precision data heavy lean manufacturing world. 

For more information about our CMM inspection services, see the table below or contact us directly.

CMM Inspection Services Project Showcase Examples

CMM Inspection Capabilities

Dimensional Inspection
Zeiss CMM
Maximum Part Length
63" (1600 mm)
Maximum Part Width
39.37" (1000 mm)
Maximum Part Height
23.62" (600 mm)
0.0002" (4 micrometers)
Additional Services Offered
Value Added Fulfillment
Process Control/Documentation
Inspection Reports
Production Volume
Low Volume
High Volume
Lead Times Available
Quoted on Job by Job Basis

Additional Information

Industries Served
OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle)
Industrial Equipment
Industry Standards Met
ISO 9001:2008
UL Compliant as Applicable
Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
Lean Manufacturing
File Formats Accepted